# Checkboxes

The checkboxes that are used in our Vue Material Dashboard are the standard checkboxes from Vue Material. We just re-styled them for a better visual effect.

Array Boolean String No Value
[] false
    <md-checkbox v-model="array" value="1">Array</md-checkbox>
    <md-checkbox v-model="array" value="2">Array</md-checkbox>
    <md-checkbox v-model="boolean">Boolean</md-checkbox>
    <md-checkbox v-model="string" value="my-checkbox">String</md-checkbox>
    <md-checkbox v-model="novalue">No Value</md-checkbox>
    <md-checkbox v-model="disabled" disabled>Disabled</md-checkbox>

        <th>No Value</th>

        <td>{{ array }}</td>
        <td>{{ boolean }}</td>
        <td>{{ string }}</td>
        <td>{{ novalue }}</td>

  export default {
    data: () => ({
      array: [],
      boolean: false,
      string: null,
      novalue: null,
      disabled: true